Month: July 2008

Secret Ballmer e-mail to Microsoft employees unveils company race toward Web 4.0

Link | Ballmers memo on Johnsons departure | Latest Microsoft News – CNET News – CNET 00

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Web 4.0 will not be about more powerful laptops but about cheapers

Link | ‘World’s cheapest laptop’ now available – Network World 00

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The irony of Web 4.0: Amazon starts selling IT service business while IBM starts selling books

Amazon, which started out as a bookseller, has gotten into the IT service business, while IBM, an IT service business, has gotten into the business of selling books. Link | Service-Oriented Architecture | 00

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Will Europe have a more relevant paper in technologies?

In favour link | The European Ecosystem is Entering Puberty « Freed from The Matrix Against link | Gabor’s Blog: Why Startups Don’t Condense in Europe 00

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12-core processor by 2010

Link | DailyTech – Hello AMD Socket G34 00

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SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, … what more?

John M. Willis demyistyfies everything around every kind of stuff “as a Service”. Is Everyone an aaS – Upload a Document to Scribd Read this document on Scribd: Is Everyone an aaS Via | Is Everyone an aaS 00

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Ladies and Gentlemen, the Web 4.0 Revolution is here. His name? Cloud Business

Link | NewsFactor Network | SaaS Sets the Stage for Cloud Computing 00

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Web 4.0 companies spread out their secrets

In the past tech companies used to hide resources and techologies in order to avoid competition. New Web 4.0 age is about exactly the opposite. As far a company spread their techology secrets, the more success they get. OAuth is

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Universal limits on computation

In 2004 Lawrence Krauss and Glenn D. Starkman announced an ultimate limit of around 600 years in their paper “Universal Limits of Computation”, based on rigorous estimation of total information-processing capacity of any system in the Universe. You may enjoy

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Web 4.0 is about Good Computer Habits and avoiding “Infomania”

Link | Good Computer Habits Link | New lifeline for staff drowning in emails – Telegraph 00

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Web 4.0 hosting services will become “Elastic”

Web 4.0 hosting services will become “Elastic”, this means, you will pay exactly what you are consuming. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud is a brand new service based on this amazing trend. Link | Amazon Web Services @ 00

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