Month: August 2008

APIs keep growing all around the world

Link | 900 Web APIs 00

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New definition for Cloud Computing: Renting your quickly depreciating physical assets out because your software company is out of ideas for computer programs

Link | Cloud computing: A catchphrase in puberty | The Register 00

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A brand new immersive experience free software for picture viewing based on object recognition

Link | Photosynth 00

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The Innovator’s Life Cycle

Link | Companies Try to Extend Researchers’ Productivity – WSJ Link | Prof. Ben Jones original paper: Age and Great Invention 00

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Web 3.0 will not be semantical, it will be clouded

Link | Everywhere I look, I see Clouds | The Semantic Web | 00

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In Web 4.0 Era business influential thinkers will become more prominent

Link | New Breed of Business Gurus Rises – 00

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New book about disruptive innovation: The Innovator’s Guide to Growth

Link | The Innovator’s Guide to Growth 00

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Getty, the company that embraced the disruptive forces affecting its core business

Link | Balancing Disruptive Innovation – 00

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Open Source and Cloud Computing

Remarkable article. Link | Open Source and Cloud Computing – O’Reilly Radar 00

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Mashups are boosting Web 4.0, two major APIs launched per day during last month

Link | 60 New APIs in 30 Days 00

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